Sign In at the Pro Shop is required for everyone before playing tennis or golf (including for lessons).

Guests are welcome at Mountain View Country Club.  Non-members who are sponsored by members may register as guests, though this opportunity is limited to four times per season.  The sponsoring member need not accompany the guest(s) if the member has notified the Pro Shop in advance.

Visitors are also welcome though the times are limited in the busy months of July and August. Visitors should call the Pro Shop in advance.

Tennis:  Shirts must be worn and all players must wear smooth, rubber-soled tennis shoes without heels.  Cross-trainers are not acceptable. When play is completed, players must sweep the courts and lines.  Obviously, there is no tennis after a rain storm until permission is granted by the Pro Shop staff.

Golf:  Golfers may not wear metal spikes or Black Widow plastic spikes on their golf shoes.  Any sneakers are okay but not hiking or work boots.  Golfers must wear shirts. For everyone’s benefit, please play “ready golf” and thereby keep the pace of play moving right along.  If the players behind you have to wait on most shots, please wave them through.  Please replace divots on the fairways and repair ball marks on the greens.

Carts:  Please keep all carts off the greens and tees, even pull carts.  Keep the motorized carts at least 30 feet from the greens and away from wet areas.